Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Customer’s privacy is the topmost priority of No data of the customers will be leaked from our website. This website is basically certified with the SSL certificate which simply means that no other person can see your data from any other source. You can provide us all your information without any kind of hesitation.Β 

Our customers will not face any data leakage from our side. No 3rd party can reach or see the data of your customers. We ensure the privacy of our customers and don’t want any kind of compromise with the data of customers. You can easily make the login for free. It will be helpful for you to reduce all the problems from your health.

Make sure that you don’t fill in any kind of fraud or fake data about yourself. This might ban you from the website for a lifetime. We believe that you will not do any kind of duplicity with the data.Β 


Type Of Data We Collect usually contains the personal data of customers. We only collect the data to know the taste of customers. You can check out all your information in our portal. We provide pure transparency to our customers. You will never face any kind of spam SMS or DMs from our side. We mainly collect information like name, age, address, contact no. and gmails. All this information basically kept with us with topmost priority and security.Β 

You will not face any further problems in your personal space. We respect all the privacy of our customers and don’t slaughter any sort of data as well. We only collect your data to know the taste. It mainly helps us to improve our working structure and helps us to add more products according to your body type.

As we have already told you that your data will be kept with us with topmost faith. You don’t need to worry about any kind of issue with your data. Feel free to share all your thought and make sure you always sent some feedback for every purchase that you make.

Money Refund Policy

Money is the most precious thing to live a happy life. We know that it is really hard to earn money that is why we appreciate every single penny of yours which you spend on our website. You will get all your refunds if you fill-up the following criteria. Here are some terms and conditions which need to be fulfilled to get your refund back. Have a look at them before asking for a refund.

  • The money will be refunded to you if the company is agreed with the accepted changes. You need to fulfill all the information of the supplement before dealing with the refund policy.
  • One needs to place the refund request with 30 days of purchase. If the time period will exceed more than 30 days then you will not be able to get your refund possible.
  • Few of the products which are available on our website aren’t comes under the refund policy. You need to make the purchase after reading all the policies and terms about the supplement.
  • The product will not be refunded if it is spoiled or damaged from outside. No external harm should be there to get all the refunds.

One needs to follow all these terms and conditions to get all the refunds. We are assuring you that you will get all your money back if you don’t face any kind of change in your health.